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Planted Aquarium Co2 Guide

Planted Aquarium C02 Guide

In this video series guide, you will learn all about Co2 and what you might…
Planted Aquarium Lighting Guide

Planted Aquarium Lighting Guide

In this video series guide, you'll learn all you need to know for lighting when…
Beginners Aquascaping Guide

Aquascaping for Beginners Guide

We're going over the concepts of aquascaping and how to be a great one.  I…
DIY Co2 Setup

DIY Co2 for your Aquarium

A very easy and cheap way to provide co2 for your plants.  It's a little…
Soil Tank Guide

Soil Substrate Aquarium Setup Guide

Soil is by far a cheap and effective way to provide your plants through the…
23 Phases of a Water Change

23 Phases of a Water Change

In this episode of Life of an Aquarist, we take a look at the trials…
Sunsun 602/603 Canister Filter

Sunsun 602/603 Canister Filter

The Sunsun filter are affordable and works well.  I have great luck with these and…
Iqagumi Style

The Dry Start Method Guide

A popular method to establish a carpet easily for a Iwagumi or any other type…
Beginners Guide to Planted Tanks

Beginners Guide to Planted Tanks Guide

In this series, we talk about how to get started with a planted tank. We…

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Welcome to the Water Box, a place for everything aquariums. You’ll find a lot of information about planted tanks and aquascaping. We will cover thing like the Dry Start Method and DIY Co2.  Find out what’s so great about Soil Substrate and other great hacks.

We’ll have Aquarium Product Reviews when I can get my hands on some.